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Reckon Accounts Certificate for Accountants

Developed specifically for accountants, the Reckon Accounts QBi series Certificate for Accountants course outlines the essential elements when working with clients using Reckon Accounts. Learn how to set up data files that are consistent with the general ledger program your accounting practice uses, as well as tips to ensure consistent reporting standards from clients.

In addition to focusing on Business Activity Statements and End of Financial Year reporting, this course will cover the following topics:

  • An overview of the Reckon Accounts range.
  • Setting up a new company for new businesses or those wishing to start a new data file.
  • An overview of Reckon Accounts preferences.
  • Navigating Reckon Accounts.
  • Setting up, modifying and deleting the chart of accounts.
  • Setting up GST and tax codes, including checking the accuracy and how these are used in Reckon Accounts.
  • Tax Invoices, including fundamental elements in a tax invoice.
  • Explanation of GST credits
  • Checking the accuracy of data entry for account reconciliation.
  • An overview of Reckon Accounts reporting, including modifying reports to suit your business needs.
  • Creating journal entries in Reckon Accounts.
  • Completing a company file audit which collates useful, high-level information relating to your company file, as well as performs an integrity check of your data
  • Using closing dates.
  • Integration of Reckon Accounts with general ledger programs, including importing Reckon Accounts data into general ledger programs.
  • Identifying Common errors and Troubleshooting when working with on client files.
  • End of Financial Year processing, involving reports and the Reckon Accounts Accountant’s edition, as well as Reckon Accounts housekeeping and interim maintenance of data files.

Prerequisites for the Reckon Accounts QBi series Certificate for Accountants include:

  • Basic keyboard and mouse navigation skills
  • Confidence with accounting principles and activities.

Please note that the Reckon Accounts QBi series Certificate for Accountants is recommended for public practice accountants and a thorough understanding of accounting fundamentals is presumed. This course does not teach accounting principles.