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Paying Your Employees Using Reckon Accounts

Paying Your Employees Using Reckon Accounts is the perfect course to teach you how to incorporate Reckon Accounts and payroll to help save time and effort. Taking you through the entire payroll process step-by-step, this course also outlines how your tax liability and payments are handled within Reckon Accounts.

The Paying Your Employees Using Reckon Accounts course shows how to set up payroll and payroll items that are subject to PAYG and State Payroll tax, as well as how to report that tax to meet PAYG legislation requirements.

Additional topics covered in this one day course include:

  • Setting up an employee in Reckon Accounts including their tax, superannuation and additional information.
  • Standard and advanced pay runs including paying wages, salaries and additional pay types.
  • Paying payroll liabilities to the Australian Taxation Office and how this is completed in Reckon Accounts.
  • Completing End of Financial Year payment summaries.
  • Emailing and printing payslips for your employees.
  • Setting the payroll preferences in Reckon Accounts to make payroll management more efficient.
  • Customising the chart of accounts for easy and compliant reporting, including how to track payroll to extract information into your profit & loss and balance sheets.
  • Understanding how payroll Items operate and where they are directed to in your company file for reporting and recording purposes.
  • Creating and customising payroll items specifically for your business.
  • Creating employee defaults to track consistency throughout employees.
  • Using tax scales including HECS and validating their accuracy.
  • Establishing and tracking leave calculations.
  • Using the EMDUPE file and the ATO for your End of Financial Year reporting.
  • Utilising ABA Files to help pay bills more efficiently.

Prerequisites for the Paying Your Employees Using Reckon Accounts course include:

  • Basic keyboard and mouse navigation skills
  • Familiarity with Reckon Accounts basics including entering transactions and navigation skills.

“It showed me how to use features that I hadn’t used before. Having them explained to me and finding out that I could simplify the way I do payroll is very helpful!”
Rachel Jones, Oasis New Life Centre